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Tracking the Customer Journey: A Data Model for the Digital World

Gary Angel, President and CTO, Semphonic

Digital Marketers have come to recognize a few salient facts about their discipline. Online behaviors are inherently measurable. This measurability can be used to sharpen the timing and content of both offers and content to maximize relevancy and return. As marketers fill in the gaps in the understanding of the customer, the missing pieces become more important. Like some manic game of whack-a-mole, marketers are driven by the knowledge that the fewer the gaps in our understanding of the customer journey, the more effective the marketing. This leads to the almost mystical belief in the efficacy of understanding the full customer journey.

In this white paper, we elaborate a data model for the Customer Journey. It’s a model independent of platform or technology. It can be applied equally well to Hadoop as to Oracle or to Netezza. It’s a model designed to show how the key elements of a wide range of customer touchpoints can be understood and combined in a seamless manner to re-create the “customer journey.”

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