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Measuring and Evaluating Your Social Media Effort

Gary Angel, President and CTO, Semphonic

A guide to proper measurement and optimization of Social Media in the Enterprise

Few doubt the rapidly growing importance of social media. The number of engaged users are vast. With over a billion Facebook users, over 500 million Twitter users and 150 million Linkedin users, numerous blogs, content sharing and interactive sites, and the opportunity to reach the more than 80% of Americans using social media on a regular basis, it’s hard to overstate the potential. Even better, these channels create opportunities not just to “talk” at customers blindly but to “listen” and respond in highly relevant ways.

But doing social media “at scale” isn’t easy. Tactics that may work effectively for “mom-and-pops” are often unachievable or simply break when attempted by a large enterprise. What’s more, there is an illusion of singularity when it comes to the social channel. Social media isn’t one thing. It isn’t PR. It isn’t viral campaigns. It isn’t Twitter-based customer support or help communities or brand monitoring or product launch tracking or evangelist blogs. It’s all of these things and more. If you’re treating social media as a single function – if you’ve created a single “social media” function in your organization, then you’re almost certainly doing it wrong.

This whitepaper is about the proper measurement and analysis of social media. Measurement is critical to both understanding and optimization in the digital realm. Are you getting a reasonable return on your social media investment? Which social media functions are most valuable to your organization? What tactics are worth exploring and expanding on? What can you learn about your customers and your brand from social listening? These are questions that demand answers if you’re serious about social media and your business.

Measurement can do more than answer these questions. In this whitepaper, we’ll show how different functions of Social Media demand separate measurement and optimization and how that measurement must work. The imperatives of good measurement are clarity of purpose, a good understanding of the levers that drive performance, and a fixed view of what counts as a success. Putting good measurement in place will force your organization to deliver on these imperatives and along with them will come a much clearer strategic vision of what social media in your enterprise is for and what it can accomplish. If you’re frustrated with the vagueness, lack of crisp focus or soft-thinking around your company’s social media effort, aggressive measurement may be the answer.

This white paper will outline a successful social media measurement approach and discuss:

  • A Digital Measurement Approach to Social Media
  • Measurement of Social Media by Function
  • Measurement of Social Media by Audience
  • The Challenges of Social Media Data Collection and Sampling
  • Measuring Social Media Success
  • Measurement Gotchas
  • The Appropriate Technology Stack for Social Media Measurement
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