Choosing a Big Data Technology Stack for Digital Marketing (Semphonic & IBM Webinar)

By Gary Angel (Semphonic) & Krishnan Parasuraman (IBM)


Confused about the right technologies for your digital marketing and analytics needs? You’re not alone. The challenges are complex and the range of possible solutions potentially bewildering.

In this webinar, Gary Angel, President and CTO of Semphonic, and Krishnan Parasuraman, CTO of IBM Big Data Solutions, demonstrate a common-sense approach to finding the right solutions for your company. Underlying the approach is a deep intellectual framework that highlights why digital marketing analysis requires new technologies and approaches. Using that framework, a whole range of specific digital marketing tasks (from full attribution analysis to social media marketing)are examined in light of the unique stresses each places on your technology stack. The result? A powerful way to match your specific business goals and requirements to the array of new technologies now coming online.
If you’re thinking about, evaluating, planning or designing a technology stack for digital marketing, this webinar is specifically for you.

What you’ll take away:

  1. A much deeper understanding of why certain types of analysis in digital challenge traditional architectures – even when data volumes aren’t enormous
  2. A true working definition of “big data” and a way to evaluate what it means beyond the hype
  3. A detailed examination of the most common digital marketing business requirements in terms of their specific challenges to your technology stack
  4. A good understanding of how IBM’s Big Data Solutions fit within that framework


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