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The Future of Digital Measurement and Personalization

Gary Angel, President and CTO, Semphonic

Digital Measurement and Analytics at the enterprise level is maturing rapidly. In the past year, the industry has seen the rapid evolution and adoption of Tag Management Systems, the re-platforming of most major Web analytics solutions to deliver increased segmentation and reporting, rapid expansion of site testing programs, and, perhaps most significant, the widespread use of advanced warehousing platforms to integrate and analyze digital data.

These changes in the industry are driven by deep corresponding needs in the business. Digital is becoming the preeminent channel of customer contact, sales, and care. At the same time, digital has fragmented into multiple sub-channels each with its own distinct technical, marketing and measurement challenges. Those challenges cut no ice with consumers, however, who expect consistent and personal communications and offers across their entire journey.

In this white paper, we’ll show why many current digital warehousing decisions lead to a dead-end – where the sourcing, warehousing, and data models are unsuitable for driving personalization or customer-level communications.

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