Advanced Merchandising Analytics Webinar with Gary Angel and Cloudmeter

By Gary Angel and Cloudmeter

Online merchandising remains extremely complicated. In a world where aisles can be quite literally re-configured for every single shopper, when nearly random online reviews and ratings can dominate product marketing materials, and where discounts, drives and offers can be constantly re-shuffled, how is it possible to find the right mix of levers to move product most efficiently for any given customer? The range of merchandising levers and product mix opportunities has never been larger. And as eCommerce sites have evolved, most of the merchandising work is now being done not on product detail pages but on product aisle, category and search pages. These pages present unique merchandising challenges and opportunities.

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage data and analytics to significantly improve your use of key merchandising levers for overall stronger eCommerce performance.

Join Gary Angel, President and CTO, of Semphonic and Thomas Palmieri, Vice President of Services and Support, from Cloudmeter as they present:


  • How to go beyond the basics of web analytics systems (that only provide page-based views of data) to get real analysis of merchandising and eCommerce variables
  • Techniques for collecting, analyzing, and tracking a number of important merchandising metrics related to the effectiveness of product list pages.
  • Questions that savvy merchandisers should be asking for analysis and optimization toward merchandising on multi-product pages and how to get the answers to these questions.
  • Why tag-based web analytics tools can’t capture robust eCommerce information but what you can.


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